Website Development

When you visit a beautiful office, there is this atmosphere of appreciation that overwhelms you, the beautiful lights, the artwork, well-organised reception and board rooms, the environment, etc. All these give a positive impression of the business. This is how we liken website development to be.

We ensure all our website development projects are beautifully designed to appeal to visitors, all elements that make up the site are organised, functional, and futuristic using the latest technologies.

Website Creation

We create a responsive website design having adaptable experiences that tailor themselves across all mobile devices, operating systems, and browsers. There are three phases we pride ourselves in our website development – The design phase, the development phase, and the live phase.

Website Design Phase

In this phase, a sitemap will first of all be created to give a holistic view of the website structure, then, a pictorial representation of the site would be designed in line with your requirements, research, and target audience.

The elements in the designs would not be active since they are pictorial but will provide a focus on the elements and layout structure. The designs will have to be approved before proceeding to the development phase.

Website Development Phase

Here, the designs approved will be developed where all the elements that make up the designs will be active, responsive and ready for testing, a link to the developed site will be shared which is hosted on our server. In this phase, we also take into consideration the user’s browsing experience by ensuring the entire website is easy to navigate by both users and search engines.

We also ensure the website is developed using the latest PHP version and a WordPress Content Management System (CMS) that will allow you to update the content of your website without any website development experience.

Website go-live phase

When we get your confirmation to make the website live having met your requirements, the new website will be uploaded to your server where your host provides. You can also decide to host with us at a very affordable rate.

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Before we commence any development work, a website development brief has to be filled by you. The brief gives us an idea of what you want to achieve with your website and a clear direction that throws more light on the project.

Quickly fill the brief below and we will be in touch.

Website Brief

    List the top-level navigation separated by a comma.

    List the submenus in no particular order.

    Website colour scheme can be obtained from your logo but if you prefer something different, do let us know. You can reference HEX colours.

    Our website projects are fully tailored to your specifications, however, some reference sites you provide conveys more information.

    Do you have a domain name?

    Do you have a host purchased, where your website files would be stored and its resources obtained?

    Enter font family names (Please reference Google fonts) and any other specific features required.